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About Streats of Philly Food Tours

Creating unique and memorable private Philadelphia food tours, one tasting at a time! Whether you're looking for a real culinary adventure at Philadelphia's Italian Market, USA's oldest outdoor market or to feed your refined palate as you meander down streets of South Philly's Restaurant Row - East Passyunk Avenue or savor the flavors of Philadelphia's Garden District on a Tasting Tour Adventure in Chestnut Hill, Chef Jacquie's StrEATS of Philly Food Tours are for you!

Amazing gourmet samples, food demos and more! Your guide, Chef Jacquie, is a South Philadelphia native, born and raised just two blocks from the Italian Market, and a professional chef who grew up with most of the shop owners on 9th Street.

Our tours are fun, flavorful, and fabulous!

Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options available! Tours available in English and Italian!

If you’re looking for a unique client outing or team building event, we can create a one-of-a-kind Chef led experience.

Meet Chef Jacquie

Chef Jacquie Kelly


Chef Jacquie is committed to sharing her culinary knowledge and expertise so that people who enjoy food can take their senses to new heights by simply tasting food around Philadelphia.. Her love affair with food and culture began in early childhood, when she was exposed to a blend of Northern and Southern Italian cultures and cuisine. She was born in South Philly near the Italian Market. Jacquie also lived in Italy for five years during childhood, and later met her husband, a native of Chestnut Hill. They lived in Chestnut Hill area for years before settling in the Main Line neighborhood.

Chef Jacquie curates gastronomic tours that will open her guests’ hearts, mouths and minds to a wide array of culinary delights. Epicureans who desire luxurious food presented with a sense of fun and humor will love touring with Chef Jacquie.

Trained at the prestigious Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Chef Jacqueline Peccina-Kelly is a professional chef dedicated to providing her clients with a premier gastronomic adventure.

Chef Jacquie’s charismatic enthusiasm for food and fun is coupled with true Philadelphia flair. Her friendships with shop owners, restaurateurs, and culinary colleagues enhance the experience of her guests. Chef Jacquie and her vendors welcome guests so warmly that they feel part of the family. On her food tasting tours, she answers questions about food, its history, authenticity, and shares her philosophy that strives to balance quality versus quantity.  Chef Jacquie leads clients beyond the conventional by making innovative flavors and ingredients accessible while bringing the history and traditions of South Philly to the table.

One thing is for sure: when you share Chef Jacquie’s excitement for food and travel, you’ll never look at food the same way again!