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Chef Jacquie’s Days of Wine and Braises

on September 5, 2015
Chef Jacquie’s Days of Wine and Braises

Autumn is almost here – is it your favorite time of year too? I love to cook with wine, especially during the cooler months. Nothing says lovin’ like a pot of braised short ribs and mashed potatoes. If red meat is not your thing, chicken thighs are a great option.
Searing the meatBraising is a combination of cooking methods. First to sear meat at a high temperature, this keeps the juices within and second to finish cooking meat, submersed in liquid, in the oven. The braising liquid should be flavorful with the addition of an acid like wine. Wine adds a hearty richness to braised dishes and works as a tenderizing agent too. The braising cooking method works best with tougher cuts of meat, like short ribs.
Braising liquidWhen cooking with wine there are a few things to remember:
• Always use a good wine, one you would drink by the glass.
• Avoid wines which start with the word “cooking.”
• Cook all alcohol out of the sauce or it will taste bitter.
Here is a link to one of my favorite recipes, Braised Short Ribs. Make it as indicated or feel free to let it inspire you and create your own culinary delight! A little prep, and then in the oven for 2 hours, easy! Since you opened a good bottle of wine, sit down, relax and wait for the main attraction…ahhh!
Chef Jacquie
PS: When you visit Philadelphia, contact me at ChefJacquie@Taste4Travel.net or 610-506-6120 to create a memorable custom food tour for you.

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