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Try To Understand, It’s A Magic Pan, Mama!

on August 31, 2014
Try To Understand, It’s A Magic Pan, Mama!

I attended a fantastic event for bloggers this past June called “Eat, Write Retreat” held in Philadelphia. As a chef I attend lots of chef events to hone my culinary skills, techniques and keep up with culinary trends. I never attended any writing conferences; this was my first!

Swag bag filled to the brim with culinary gadgets

Swag bag filled to the brim with culinary gadgets

I only knew a few people and felt a little anxious as I checked-in. Each registrant received a swag bag filled to the brim with culinary gadgets, foods and beverages from participating sponsors including OXO, Jarlsberg Cheese and Safest Choice Eggs. Thank you so much! What really caught my eye was the 13″ Calphalon Contemporary Deep Skillet, it was love at first sight. Hello deep, dark and handsome!
Everyone was so nice by the end of cocktail hour and dinner I felt a connection with new friends and was having lots of fun.
Although I was having fun, all I thought about was my new “Magic Pan.” I felt like it looked right through me, I swore I could hear it sing that song by Heart. “Come on home, girl he said with a smile, I cast my spell of love on you; you don’t have to love me yet, lets’ simmer and sauté for a while…try, try, try to understand, I’m a Magic Pan!”
I am the clown on the right!

I am the clown on the right!

All the way home, I couldn’t wait until I could rip open the box and get my hands all over it! I pictured myself cooking up some hot dishes. I wanted our first culinary experience to be memorable.
Frantically, I rummaged through my kitchen, looked in the fridge, the pantry and finally the cupboard for anything I could cook in my “Magic Pan.” I found cauliflower, capers, garlic, anchovy paste, hot pepper flakes, pasta shells, vegetable broth, and Parmigiano cheese. I washed the pan and placed it on the range. I was full of desire and creativity; I was behaving like a mad woman. I cooked up a dish in less than 20 minutes! I couldn’t wait to taste my new creation, I didn’t even put it on a serving platter; I placed it on the table in my new “Magic Pan.”
I have been obsessed with my Magic Calphalon Pan and cook in it as often as possible, sometimes 2, 3 times a day.  It is everything a girl dreams of in a PAN!
“Well, summer love is passing to Fall, Mama says she’s worried, ain’t seen me in a while, come on home girl, Mama cried on the phone and all I could respond was try, try, try to understand, it’s a Magic Pan Mama, oh yeah got the magic hand(le)!”
I learned so much during the conference and I am looking forward to seeing everyone at next year’s conference in Chicago.
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Photography courtesy of Dottie Foley

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