StrEATS of Philly Italian Dinner Box – Home Edition

Italian Dinner Box


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Our Italian Dinner box has all the goodies from our Italian Dinner food tour. Perfect gift for the holidays!

  • We know you can't travel to Philly right now. So we're going to send the best of the Italian Market foods to you
  • Bring Philly's #1 rated food tour into your home with enough food to feed 4 people.
  • This is not just any old dinner. You'll have the best of the best from Philly's historic Italian Market and our popular "Sunday Gravy Tour"

Support Local business owners!

Perfect present for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and birthdays.

What to Expect

Orders placed after 12/22 will be delivered after Christmas.

Missing all of your local Italian Market restaurants and looking for a way to help support our small businesses? Get a box of all your favorite Italian Market foods shipped right to your door! You can get a taste of the Italian market with our StrEATS of Philly Italian Dinner Box – feeds 4- for $75 (price includes shipping).

What’s in the box?

Large jar of Villa di Roma’s house Marinara Sauce

Package of organic Italian spaghetti

3 ounce container of grated cheese from DiBruno’s

1 ounce oil dipping seasoning from Grassia’s Italian Market Spice Company

1 bag of  DiBruno’s Sea Salt Crostini

1 small bottle of Cardenas Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Anthony’s Sicilian robust coffee and mini biscotti

20% off coupon when you book a StrEATS food tour. Tour will include complimentary wine

1 day pass at the Italian market – 10% discount to participating vendors shops

*After purchasing the box please send an email to with the shipping info – name and address of the recipient.*

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